81+ Long Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

Long wavy hair offers a timeless allure, blending elegance with a touch of wild grace. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance daily look or an elegant evening style, these ideas will inspire you to embrace and accentuate your waves.


Long Wavy Hair Advice

Long, wavy hair is a classic look that never goes out of style. While it’s a relatively low-maintenance “do,” there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that longer hair looks luscious and healthy.

  • A lot of people make the mistake of never booking a haircut when they’re trying to grow their hair long. However, that’s a huge mistake. While the myth that cutting your hair makes it stronger is false, getting regular trims helps prevent and remove split ends and can relieve some weight to give your hair a little more bounce and luster.
  • You also want to make sure you’re using the right products to style and care for your long locks. You can use shampoos and conditioners suitable for “all hair types,” but if you don’t have any particular issues that need addressing, like dandruff or color treatment, look for products designed for wavy or curly locks. Verb makes a set that helps add and amplify texture to improve natural waves.
  • Once or twice a month, swap out your conditioner with a nourishing hair mask, like this one from Kenra, to make sure the entire length of your hair is healthy. Focus on your ends in particular so they don’t dry out and go limp.
  • To prevent your waves from becoming a shapeless cloud of frizz, only brush them out when they’re wet. To prevent breakage, use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush suitable for wet and damp hair, like this one from Paul Mitchell.
  • Letting your hair air dry is the best way to make sure your waves form naturally, with minimal frizz. However, if that’s not an option for you, apply a little curling cream, like this one from Moroccanoil,  to your hair to help the waves lock into place. Scrunch your hair as you dry it or, better yet, use a diffuser. If your hairdryer doesn’t come with one, there are universal options available.
  • Long hair can be prone to dullness, especially the further from your scalp it grows. Add a shine spray or serum, like this one from Kerastase, into your routine to give your hair a natural luster all the way to the ends.
  • You’ll also want to do everything you can to protect your hair from external things that could damage it and force you to cut it short before you’re ready. For example, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, opt to wear a hat or use an SPF on your hair, like this one from Coola.
  • If your hair is prone to tangling, consider putting it in a loose braid while you sleep. This will prevent knots and help your hair maintain its waves.
  • You can protect your hair even more by tying it with satin hair bands like these from Kitsch.
  • Consider swapping your regular cotton or flannel pillowcases with silk or satin options as well to further prevent breakage. Bedsure makes sets of 2 that come in a variety of colors.

Long Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

Subtle Beach Waves with Sun-Kissed Balayage

Long Wavy Hairstyles 1

Long wavy hair is enhanced with subtle beach waves and a sun-kissed balayage, creating a natural, effortless look that’s perfect for any season.

Soft Romantic Curls

Long Wavy Hairstyles 2

This long wavy hairstyle features soft, romantic curls that are lightly tousled for an effortless, dreamy look, embodying a sense of whimsy and charm.

Sleek and Polished Waves

Long Wavy Hairstyles 3

Sleek long wavy hair, defined and polished, with a deep side part adds an element of glamour and sophistication, perfect for a night out.

Cascading Chocolate Waves

Long Wavy Hairstyles 4

Long wavy locks highlighted by honey and caramel streaks through cascading chocolate waves, offering depth and warmth to the hair’s natural beauty.

Voluminous Layers and Blowout

Long Wavy Hairstyles 5

Amplified with layers and a blowout, this voluminous long wavy hair boasts maximum bounce and body, making it a head-turning look.

Brunette to Blonde Ombre

Long Wavy Hairstyles 6

Long wavy ombre hair transitions gracefully from deep brunette roots to blonde tips, offering a stunning contrast and contemporary flair.

Glossy Waves for Formal Events

Long Wavy Hairstyles 7

An elegant long wavy hairstyle with glossy waves, ideal for formal events, showcases timeless beauty and refined elegance.

Enhanced Natural Texture

Long Wavy Hairstyles 8

Featuring natural texture enhanced with a diffuser, this long wavy hair achieves defined waves for a beautiful, laid-back style.

Mermaid Hair with Teal and Blue Streaks

Long Wavy Hairstyles 9

Bold teal and blue streaks through long wavy mermaid hair make a vibrant statement, perfect for those looking to stand out with color.

Wavy Hairstyle with Fringe

Long Wavy Hairstyles 10

Blending bangs seamlessly into soft waves, this long wavy hairstyle with a fringe offers a fresh and flattering update to classic waves.

Cool Ash Blonde Tones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 11

Ash blonde long wavy hair features cool tones throughout, providing a modern, edgy look that’s both striking and stylish.

Fiery Red Hues

Long Wavy Hairstyles 12

Rich, fiery hues through long wavy red hair create a bold and striking appearance, perfect for making a vibrant statement.

Brunette with Subtle Layers

Long Wavy Hairstyles 13

Long wavy brunette hair with subtle layers adds movement and depth, enhancing the hair’s natural beauty with a touch of sophistication.

Pastel Pink Ends

Long Wavy Hairstyles 14

Soft, feminine touches are added to long wavy hair with pastel pink ends, blending whimsy with elegance for a gentle, captivating look.

Half-Up, Half-Down with Floral Accessories

Long Wavy Hairstyles 15

This long wavy hairstyle features a half-up, half-down twist adorned with floral accessories, merging natural beauty with a touch of romance.

Icy Platinum Blonde Tones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 16

Platinum blonde long wavy hair with icy tones offers a standout look, perfect for those aiming for a bold, eye-catching style.

Vintage Hollywood Waves

Long Wavy Hairstyles 17

Classic, smooth waves give long wavy hair a vintage Hollywood style, exuding glamour and sophistication reminiscent of the silver screen.

Sleek Wet Look

Long Wavy Hairstyles 18

Defined waves achieved with gel provide a sleek, wet look to long wavy hair, offering a contemporary edge to traditional wave styles.

Chunky Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 19

Long wavy hair with chunky highlights creates contrast and dimension, adding visual interest and depth to the overall look.

Glossy Dark Waves

Long Wavy Hairstyles 20

Dark long wavy hair with a glossy finish showcases a luxurious and healthy appearance, embodying sophistication and elegance.

Loose, Undone Waves

Long Wavy Hairstyles 21

Perfect for a casual day out, these long wavy locks feature loose, undone waves, embodying a relaxed and carefree vibe.

Balayage Sun-Kissed Look

Long Wavy Hairstyles 22

A balayage effect blends natural colors through long wavy hair for a sun-kissed look, offering a seamless transition and radiant glow.

Electric Purple Tips

Long Wavy Hairstyles 23

Long wavy hair with electric purple tips adds a pop of vibrant color to the waves, making a bold and playful statement.

Big, Bouncy Curls

Long Wavy Hairstyles 24

Achieved with a large barrel curling iron, these big, bouncy curls add volume and excitement to long wavy hair, perfect for a glamorous look.

Soft Face-Framing Layers

Long Wavy Hairstyles 25

Long wavy hair with soft, face-framing layers provides a gentle, flattering style, enhancing the natural beauty of the wearer.

Metallic Silver Tones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 26

Silver long wavy hair with metallic tones offers an edgy, futuristic look, perfect for those seeking a bold, avant-garde style.

Bohemian Chic with Side Fishtail Braid

Long Wavy Hairstyles 27

Long wavy hair blends boho chic with classic waves, featuring a side fishtail braid that adds a touch of elegance and intricacy to the natural flow of the waves.

Sunlit Auburn Waves

Long Wavy Hairstyles 28

Enhanced with golden highlights, long wavy auburn hair shines brightly, enriching the curls with dimensions of color that capture the essence of sunlight.

Dynamic Volume with Subtle Layers

Long Wavy Hairstyles 29

Subtle layers cut into long wavy hair add significant volume and movement, creating a dynamic and lively look that’s both captivating and stylish.

Mysterious Deep Burgundy

Long Wavy Hairstyles 30

Long wavy hair in deep burgundy exudes a mysterious and romantic vibe, offering a rich, intense color that’s both striking and enchanting.

Sleek Symmetry with Middle Part

Long Wavy Hairstyles 31

A sleek middle part emphasizes the symmetry of long wavy hair, showcasing the beauty and flow of the waves in a polished and defined manner.

Striking Contrast in Jet Black

Long Wavy Hairstyles 32

Jet black long wavy hair offers a striking contrast to lighter skin tones, providing a bold and dramatic look that’s timeless and sophisticated.

Beach-Inspired Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 33

Long wavy hair with beach-inspired highlights mimics the natural lightening effect of sun exposure, adding a sun-kissed, carefree vibe to the waves.

Undone Tousled Look

Long Wavy Hairstyles 34

An undone, tousled look in long wavy hair perfects a casual, effortless style, ideal for those who embrace a laid-back and natural appearance.

Bold Platinum Edges

Long Wavy Hairstyles 35

Platinum long wavy hair stands out with bold and edgy tones, offering a modern twist on classic waves that’s eye-catching and unique.

Warmth in Copper Tones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 36

Radiating warmth and depth, long wavy hair with copper tones enhances the natural flow of the curls, creating a vibrant and inviting look.

Lustrous Chocolate Brown

Long Wavy Hairstyles 37

Rich in color, chocolate brown long wavy hair shines with a lustrous, shiny finish, showcasing the depth and beauty of dark tones.

Elegance with Crystal Embellishments

Long Wavy Hairstyles 38

A crystal-embellished hairpiece adds a touch of elegance to long wavy hair, providing a luxurious and sophisticated accent to the hairstyle.

Luminous Golden Blonde

Long Wavy Hairstyles 39

Golden blonde long wavy hair creates a luminous and radiant appearance, highlighting the natural flow and texture of the waves with brilliance.

Vibrant Pop of Color on Ends

Long Wavy Hairstyles 40

A pop of bold color, vivid pink and electric blue, on the ends of long wavy hair makes a playful and eye-catching statement.

Trendy Soft Rose Gold

Long Wavy Hairstyles 41

Blending pink and blonde, soft rose gold long wavy hair offers a trendy, feminine look that’s both modern and whimsical.

Playful Hint of Lilac

Long Wavy Hairstyles 42

A subtle yet playful color twist is added to long wavy hair with a hint of lilac, enhancing the hairstyle with a touch of whimsy and charm.

Natural Sun-Kissed Balayage

Long Wavy Hairstyles 43

Dimensional balayage creates a natural, sun-kissed effect in long wavy hair, offering a seamless blend of colors that enhance the natural flow of the waves.

Bold Midnight Blue

Long Wavy Hairstyles 44

Midnight blue long wavy hair offers a unique and bold color choice, providing a deep, vibrant hue that’s both mysterious and captivating.

Festive Light-Catching Tinsel

Long Wavy Hairstyles 45

Scattered light-catching tinsel strands in long wavy hair are perfect for festive occasions, adding sparkle and shine to the natural flow of the waves.

Warm Honey Blonde

Long Wavy Hairstyles 46

Exuding a warm and inviting tone, honey blonde long wavy hair shines with golden hues, offering a soft and radiant look that’s universally flattering.

Silky Smooth Texture

Long Wavy Hairstyles 47

Achieved through a keratin treatment, long wavy hair with a silky smooth texture showcases the sleek and flowing beauty of well-maintained waves.

Depth with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 48

Chunky blonde highlights add depth and dimension to long wavy hair, creating a striking contrast that enhances the natural texture and volume.

Striking Icy Silver Tones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 49

Icy silver long wavy hair provides a striking, contemporary look, offering a bold and edgy take on classic waves with its cool metallic tones.

Dreamy Gradient Pastel Colors

Long Wavy Hairstyles 50

Gradient pastel colors blend seamlessly in long wavy hair, creating a dreamy effect that’s soft, whimsical, and perfect for expressing individuality.

Fiery Bright Red Statement

Long Wavy Hairstyles 51

Bright red long wavy hair makes a fiery statement, capturing attention with every turn and showcasing the vibrant energy of bold colors.

Graceful Natural Gray Blending

Long Wavy Hairstyles 52

Embracing the beauty of aging, long wavy hair with natural gray blending showcases a graceful and dignified look that’s both elegant and authentic.

Classic Espresso Brown

Long Wavy Hairstyles 53

Deep and rich in tone, espresso brown long wavy hair offers a classic look that’s sophisticated, lustrous, and full of depth.

Dynamic Feathered Cut

Long Wavy Hairstyles 54

A feathered cut gives long wavy hair a lighter, more dynamic feel, enhancing the natural flow and movement of the waves for a lively appearance.

Whimsical Lavender Tint

Long Wavy Hairstyles 55

Lavender-tinted long wavy hair offers a soft, whimsical color palette, adding a gentle and enchanting touch to the natural beauty of the waves.

Blended Golden and Ash Blonde Ombré

Long Wavy Hairstyles 56

Golden and ash blonde ombré in long wavy hair blends cool and warm tones, creating a harmonious and visually appealing contrast.

Multi-Dimensional Glossy Walnut

Long Wavy Hairstyles 57

Glossy walnut long wavy hair showcases a deep, multi-dimensional brown, offering richness and sophistication to the natural texture of the waves.

Sunlit Ends Illusion

Long Wavy Hairstyles 58

Long wavy hair with sunlit ends gives the illusion of spending hours in the sunshine, enhancing the natural beauty and vibrancy of the hair.

Bold Teal and Black Combination

Long Wavy Hairstyles 59

Combining bold color with natural undertones, teal and black long wavy hair offers a striking and unique look that’s both vibrant and sophisticated.

Seamless Soft Bangs

Long Wavy Hairstyles 60

Soft bangs blend seamlessly into long wavy hair, creating a cohesive and flattering look that enhances the natural flow and beauty of the waves.

Sophisticated Pearl Accessories

Long Wavy Hairstyles 61

Pearl accessories woven throughout long wavy hair add a touch of sophistication, providing an elegant and luxurious accent to the hairstyle.

Delicate Cherry Blossom Pink

Long Wavy Hairstyles 62

Inspired by the hues of spring, cherry blossom pink long wavy hair showcases delicate and soft tones, offering a gentle and feminine look.

Enhanced Natural Luster with Shine Spray

Long Wavy Hairstyles 63

A glossy shine spray enhances the natural luster of long wavy hair, emphasizing the beauty and radiance of the waves with added shine.

Shadow and Depth with Lowlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 64

Understated lowlights in long wavy hair create shadow and depth, adding dimension to the style without overwhelming the natural beauty of the waves.

Vibrant Turquoise Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 65

Turquoise highlights in long wavy hair offer a splash of vibrant color against darker tones, adding a bold and playful touch to the hairstyle.

Beach-Inspired Salt Spray Texture

Long Wavy Hairstyles 66

Long wavy hair is enhanced with beach-inspired salt spray, emphasizing the natural wave pattern for an effortlessly tousled look reminiscent of days spent by the sea.

Warm Autumnal Brunette with Auburn Undertones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 67

Subtle auburn undertones weave through long wavy brunette hair, creating a warm, autumnal look that glows with richness and depth.

Bohemian Twist with Braided Sections

Long Wavy Hairstyles 68

Intricate braided sections add a bohemian twist to classic long wavy hair, blending traditional elegance with free-spirited flair.

Modern Sophistication with Deep Side Part

Long Wavy Hairstyles 69

A sleek long wavy hairstyle features a dramatic deep side part, offering a modern and sophisticated style that’s both polished and dynamic.

Illuminating Face-Framing Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 70

Soft, understated highlights around the face in long wavy hair illuminate the complexion, enhancing natural beauty with subtle radiance.

Mirror-Like Shine with Glossy Serum

Long Wavy Hairstyles 71

A glossy serum finish on long wavy hair creates a mirror-like shine, reflecting light with every movement for a mesmerizing effect.

Volume and Movement with Cascading Layers

Long Wavy Hairstyles 72

Cascading layers throughout long wavy hair add significant volume and movement, transforming the hairstyle into a lively and flowing masterpiece.

Playful Edge with Colorful Streaks

Long Wavy Hairstyles 73

Thin, colorful streaks throughout long wavy hair offer a playful and vibrant edge, injecting fun and personality into the classic wave.

Soft Pastel Ombré Blend

Long Wavy Hairstyles 74

A touch of soft, pastel ombré seamlessly blends into the natural base color of long wavy hair, offering a gentle and whimsical color transition.

Sun-Kissed Effect with Balayage

Long Wavy Hairstyles 75

The balayage technique in long wavy hair showcases a natural, sun-kissed effect, enhancing the waves with beautifully blended, light-reflecting hues.

Bold Face-Framing Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 76

Bold, face-framing highlights in long wavy hair draw attention to the eyes and facial features, accentuating natural beauty with striking contrast.

Defined Waves with Leave-In Conditioner

Long Wavy Hairstyles 77

A moisture-locking leave-in conditioner ensures long wavy hair stays defined and frizz-free, maintaining softness and hydration throughout the day.

Feathered Fringe with Natural Flow

Long Wavy Hairstyles 78

A light, feathered fringe blends beautifully with the natural flow of long wavy hair, offering a soft and flattering frame to the face.

Luxurious Shine with Glossy Gold Highlights

Long Wavy Hairstyles 79

Glossy gold highlights add a touch of luxurious shine to long wavy hair, illuminating the waves with a rich and sumptuous glow.

Stunning Gradient with Dark to Light Transition

Long Wavy Hairstyles 80

A smooth transition from dark roots to light tips in long wavy hair creates a stunning gradient effect, offering depth and sophistication to the hairstyle.

Unique Multi-Dimensional Look with Mixed Tones

Long Wavy Hairstyles 81

A blend of cool and warm tones achieves a unique, multi-dimensional look in long wavy hair, showcasing a rich tapestry of colors that enhance the natural waves.

Sleek Elegance with Side-Swept Style

Long Wavy Hairstyles 82

A side-swept style, tucked behind one ear, gives long wavy hair a sleek and elegant appearance, combining classic beauty with contemporary styling.

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