63+ Festival Hair Ideas To Help You Party

Festival season calls for hairstyles that reflect the vibrant, carefree spirit of the occasion. Embrace the festivities with glitter roots, bold color streaks, intricate braids, or whimsical hair accessories like flowers and bandanas.

These styles are not only eye-catching but also designed to withstand the elements, ensuring you look fabulous from the first act to the closing set. Get ready to stand out and express your individuality with these festival-ready looks.


Festival Hair Advice

Music festivals are a hallmark of the spring and summer seasons, but they can be hard on your hair. To get the most out of festival season without ending up with lackluster locks, there are a few simple steps you can follow.

  • Depending on what festivals you plan to attend, you may want to consider changing up your style. A weekend-long concert in the desert might be a little more manageable with shorter hair, for example. Since festivals are a great time to have fun and express your personal style, they’re also a fun place to try out new hairstyles and cuts.
  • When it comes to actually deciding how you’ll wear your hair for festivals, simplicity is a big key. You likely won’t want or even be able to carry around a backpack or large purse full of products to fix and adjust your do. Instead, stick with simple styles that can last all day with just a little hair spray, like this one from Moroccanoil, without getting uncomfortable.
  • You can also keep flyaways at bay while making sure your hair looks healthy and shiny with a hair gloss like this one from Kenra.
  • Most festivals are outdoors as well, and if the weather is nice, that means a lot of exposure to UV rays. Consider bringing a hat with you so you don’t dry or damage your hair in the sun. Alternatively, make sure to reapply a hair SPF, like this one from COOLA, along with your regular sunscreen.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel or heading home at the end of each festival day, you likely don’t have to change up your hair routine that much. Though you’ll likely have to wash your hair a little more often than usual if you’re in a sandy or dusty area.
  • If your festival plans involve camping, you might not have access to a shower that’s reliable enough to thoroughly wash your hair. If that’s the case, be sure to bring a good dry shampoo to help soak up any excess oil or grime and give your hair a little more volume and texture. Moroccan oil makes one for light hair and another for dark hair.
  • It might be tempting to throw your hair into a ponytail or bun at some point during a festival day as well. Remember, though, that normal hair ties can cause breakage, especially if you’re dancing around with your locks in an updo. Instead, swab your normal elastics with a satin option, like these from Kitsch.
  • If you want to have a little fun with your festival hairstyle without making any permanent changes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Pretty Vulgar makes a glitter spray that’s safe for your skin, face, and hair, so you can add a little sparkle to your do.
  • You can also use a washable or semi-permanent hair dye to change your color without committing to a new long-term look. Arctic Fox makes a vegan option that comes in a variety of shades that would fit in perfectly at a festival.

Festival Hair Ideas

Glitter Roots with Pastel Waves

Festival Hair Ideas 1

Sparkle meets pastel in this festival-ready hairstyle, featuring glitter roots that catch the light and soft, pastel waves that add a pop of color to any outfit.

Space Buns Adorned with LED Lights

Festival Hair Ideas 2

A playful and illuminating hairstyle perfect for nighttime festivities, these space buns come alive with woven-in LED lights, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Boho Chic Flower Crown with Beachy Curls

Festival Hair Ideas 3

Loose, beachy curls crowned with a boho chic flower headband embody the free-spirited essence of summer music festivals, offering a timeless and romantic look.

Vibrant Rainbow Hair Dye in Soft Waves

Festival Hair Ideas 4

Bold and colorful, this hairstyle showcases vibrant rainbow shades styled into soft waves, making a statement with every turn of the head.

Mermaid Hair in Blue and Green Hues

Festival Hair Ideas 5

Long, cascading curls in a mix of magical blue and green hues create a mesmerizing mermaid effect, perfect for those looking to stand out with a magical vibe.

Half-Up, Half-Down with Neon Yarn Twist

Festival Hair Ideas 6

This half-up, half-down hairstyle incorporates a twist of neon yarn, adding a unique texture and a burst of color, ideal for festival flair.

Butterfly Clips in Soft Curls

Festival Hair Ideas 7

Soft curls adorned with whimsical butterfly clips bring a nostalgic and playful touch to festival styling, merging past trends with contemporary vibes.

Unicorn Hair with Pastel Shades and Glittery Finish

Festival Hair Ideas 8

Pastel shades blend seamlessly into one another in this sleek, straight unicorn hair look, topped off with a glittery finish for a fantastical appearance.

Solar Reflective Hair with Holographic Tinsel Extensions

Festival Hair Ideas 9

Holographic tinsel extensions shimmer and change colors in the sunlight, adding a solar reflective quality that’s both enchanting and eye-catching.

Neon Edge Hair with Glow-in-the-Dark Tips

Festival Hair Ideas 10

Vibrant, glow-in-the-dark dye on the tips sets this neon edge hair apart, ensuring you stand out in the festival crowd, especially under UV light.

Floral Afro with Woven Fresh Flowers

Festival Hair Ideas 11

Celebrating beauty and nature, fresh flowers woven into a natural afro create a stunning floral masterpiece, perfect for festivals and outdoor celebrations.

Gypsy Queen Look with Oversized Headbands

Festival Hair Ideas 12

Layered over wavy hair, oversized headbands craft a bohemian festival style, embodying the gypsy queen look with effortless grace and flair.

Hippie Deluxe Braids with Feathers and Leather

Festival Hair Ideas 13

Feathers and leather cords intertwined with braids offer a laid-back, earthy vibe, perfect for those embracing the hippie deluxe aesthetic at festivals.

Festival Crown Braid with Colorful Ribbon

Festival Hair Ideas 14

A royal and festive hairstyle, the crown braid incorporates colorful ribbon, weaving through the hair for a look that’s both charming and celebratory.

Galactic Girl Space Buns with Neon Underlights

Festival Hair Ideas 15

Revealing hidden neon hues with every move, these galactic girl space buns with underlights offer a playful and colorful take on the classic style.

Punk Rock Mohawk with Vibrant Streaks and Spikes

Festival Hair Ideas 16

Vibrant streaks and spikes, accented with temporary metallic tattoos, bring a punk rock mohawk to life, ideal for those looking to edge up their festival look.

Sunset Hair with Pink, Orange, and Yellow Ombre

Emulating the beauty of festival sunsets, this hairstyle features a pink, orange, and yellow ombre in loose waves, capturing the essence of the golden hour.

Gothic Glamour with Deep Purple and Black Hair

Deep purple and black hair accented with silver chains and dark crystals create a gothic glamour look, merging darkness with sparkling elegance.

Sequin Strands Woven into Braids

Catching the light and adding a glamorous sparkle, sequin strands woven into braids elevate any festival hairstyle with a touch of glitz and glamour.

Festival Warrior Look with Braided Sections

Braided sections adorned with gold leaf accents and bold jewelry pieces craft a festival warrior look, combining strength with stylistic beauty.

Peacock Hair with Green and Blue Colors

A stunning display of green and blue colors styled in voluminous curls creates a dramatic peacock effect, perfect for a show-stopping festival hairstyle.

Electric Blue Bob with Chunky Glitter Parting

Festival Hair Ideas 22

Combining a bold electric blue color with a chunky glitter parting, this bob is festival-ready, blending vibrant color with irresistible sparkle.

Windblown Waves with Sun-Kissed Highlights

Festival Hair Ideas 23

Natural and effortless, windblown waves accented with sun-kissed highlights offer an ideal look for outdoor festivals, embodying a carefree spirit.

Cyberpunk Braids with Neon Accents

Festival Hair Ideas 24

Futuristic and edgy, cyberpunk braids adorned with neon accents and metallic beads create a cutting-edge festival hairstyle, perfect for making a bold statement.

Festival Fairy Look with Iridescent Extensions

Festival Hair Ideas 25

Iridescent hair extensions and delicate floral appliqués interspersed through soft curls craft a festival fairy look, blending whimsy with beauty.

Rave-Ready UV Reactive Hair

Festival Hair Ideas 26

Sections that glow under blacklight bring this rave-ready hairstyle to life, offering a UV reactive look that makes a luminous statement after dark.

Fiery Ombre Hair with Orange to Red Gradient

Festival Hair Ideas 27

An orange to red gradient styled in loose waves embodies the energy and passion of festival life, offering a fiery ombre look that’s both vibrant and captivating.

Festival-Inspired Waterfall Braids with Flower Accents

Festival Hair Ideas 28

Perfect for a boho-chic look, these festival-inspired waterfall braids are adorned with multicolored flower accents, blending elegance with whimsy for a captivating hairstyle.

Festival-Ready Twisted Crown with Silver Thread

Festival Hair Ideas 29

A twisted crown woven with silver thread adds a magical touch to any festival outfit, complementing your look with a hint of enchantment and sparkle.

Bright Festival Ponytail with Neon Ribbons

Festival Hair Ideas 30

Make a bold and playful statement with this bright festival ponytail, intertwined with vibrant neon ribbons that catch the eye and add a pop of color.

Bohemian Waves with Pastel Hair Chalk

Festival Hair Ideas 31

Enhanced with temporary pastel hair chalk, these bohemian waves offer a dreamy, ethereal vibe, perfect for those seeking a soft and magical festival appearance.

Glittery Festival Space Buns with Star Sequins

Festival Hair Ideas 32

Topped with star-shaped sequins, these glittery festival space buns create a standout, cosmic look, shining brightly amongst the festival crowds.

Festival Mermaid Locks with Turquoise and Lilac Strands

Festival Hair Ideas 33

Flowing freely, these festival mermaid locks blend turquoise and lilac strands for an under-the-sea theme, perfect for those aiming for a magical and captivating look.

Edgy Festival Undercut with Stenciled Designs

Festival Hair Ideas 34

Show off stenciled designs with this edgy festival undercut, visible when the hair is styled in a side-swept braid, offering a unique and daring hairstyle choice.

Festival Fairy Tale Curls with Golden Glitter Spray

Festival Hair Ideas 35

Adorned with golden glitter spray, these festival fairy tale curls add a magical shimmer to the hair, perfect for those looking to sparkle and shine.

Festival Wild Child Look with a Messy Fishtail Braid

Festival Hair Ideas 36

Adorned with feathers and wooden beads, this messy fishtail braid embodies the festival wild child look, blending carefree vibes with bohemian elegance.

Bold Festival Statement with Rainbow

Festival Hair Ideas 37

Featuring a sleek, glossy top layer over a surprise pop of rainbow color, this bold statement hairstyle is perfect for those looking to stand out.

Festival Chic Sleek Bun with Floral Hairpiece

Festival Hair Ideas 38

Accented with a vibrant floral hairpiece, this sleek bun offers a sophisticated touch to festival chic, blending elegance with a burst of color.

Festival-Ready Double Dutch Braids with Holographic Tape

Festival Hair Ideas 39

Wrapped with holographic tape, these double Dutch braids reflect the sun in every direction, adding a dazzling and playful element to your festival-ready look.

Festival Sunset Ombre Hair

Festival Hair Ideas 40

Blending from fiery red to deep purple, this sunset ombre hair mimics the evening sky, offering a beautiful and captivating look for festival evenings.

Festival Flower Power Hair with Daisy Chains

Festival Hair Ideas 41

Intertwined through loose, natural curls, daisy chain headbands celebrate flower power, perfect for those embracing the beauty and nature of festival vibes.

Festival Glow with UV-Reactive Hair Dye

Festival Hair Ideas 42

This UV-reactive hair dye stands out with vibrant colors that come alive at night, perfect for those looking to glow and make a statement after dark.

Festival Warrior Braids with Gold Cuff Accents

Festival Hair Ideas 43

Featuring gold cuff accents, these festival warrior braids offer a fierce and stunning addition to any ensemble, embodying strength and beauty.

Icy Festival Bob with Silver Glitter Roots

Festival Hair Ideas 44

Offering a cool contrast to warm summer days, this icy festival bob features silver glitter roots, perfect for those seeking a refreshing and sparkling look.

Luminous Festival Hair with Fiber Optic Extensions

Festival Hair Ideas 45

Weaving through braids, fiber optic hair extensions add a futuristic flair to your festival look, shining with luminous colors for an unforgettable appearance.

Festival Desert Chic Look with Wide-Brimmed Hat

Festival Hair Ideas 46

Resting on loose, textured waves, a wide-brimmed hat offers a cool and stylish solution to festival heat, embodying desert chic with effortless grace.

Festival Pixie Cut with Spray-On Color

Festival Hair Ideas 47

This festival pixie cut features vibrant spray-on color patterns, easy to wash out and change, perfect for those looking to switch up their look each festival day.

Festival Candy-Colored Hair

Festival Hair Ideas 48

Strands of pink, blue, and purple blend together like cotton candy clouds at sunset, offering a sweet and whimsical touch to your festival style.

Festival Sleek and Straight Hair with LED Lights

Festival Hair Ideas 49

Adorned with a chain of small, delicate LED lights, this sleek and straight hairstyle shines with evening allure, perfect for standing out after sunset.

Festival Electric Blue Hair in a Sleek Bun

Festival Hair Ideas 50

Styled in a sleek, low bun with bursts of neon color peeking through, this electric blue hair is perfect for those seeking a bold and eye-catching festival hairstyle.

Bohemian Festival Hair with Loose Fishtail Braids

Festival Hair Ideas 51

This free-spirited hairstyle features loose fishtail braids, interwoven with wildflowers and feathers, embodying the essence of bohemian festival flair.

Long, Wavy Bohemian Festival Hair with Floral Crown

Festival Hair Ideas 52

Adorned with a floral crown, this long, wavy bohemian hairstyle captures the summer music festival spirit, offering a look that’s both enchanting and timeless.

Sun-Kissed Balayage with Soft Beach Waves

Festival Hair Ideas 53

Bohemian festival hair shines with a sun-kissed balayage, styled in soft beach waves and accented with a delicate gold chain headpiece for an ethereal touch.

Half-Up, Half-Down Bohemian Festival Hair

Festival Hair Ideas 54

Featuring braided details and colorful ribbon ties, this half-up, half-down bohemian hairstyle exudes a playful, whimsical vibe, perfect for festival-goers.

Bohemian Festival Updo with Messy Bun

Festival Hair Ideas 55

A messy bun framed by tiny braids and adorned with small, vibrant blooms creates a bohemian festival updo that’s both laid-back and chic.

Twisted Crown Braid into Cascading Waves

Festival Hair Ideas 56

A bohemian festival hairstyle featuring a twisted crown braid merging into waves, highlighted by silver bead accents for a touch of elegance.

Free-Flowing Locks with Natural Curls

Festival Hair Ideas 57

Natural curls are enhanced by glitter and tiny, bright flowers, offering a free-flowing bohemian festival look that’s vibrant and captivating.

Low, Intricate Fishtail Braid with Pastel Chalk

Festival Hair Ideas 58

This low, intricate fishtail braid, subtly highlighted with pastel chalk, adds a whimsical touch to the bohemian festival hair ensemble.

Tousled Bohemian Festival Hair with Copper Wire

Festival Hair Ideas 59

Layered strands and light-catching copper wire, finished with a leaf motif clip, create a tousled look that’s perfectly suited for bohemian festival vibes.

Vintage Scarf Headband into Soft Waves

Festival Hair Ideas 60

Featuring a vintage scarf headband leading into a cascade of soft, natural waves, this hairstyle adds a retro-inspired flair to the bohemian festival look.

Luxurious Bohemian Festival Braids

Festival Hair Ideas 61

Golden threads and crystal beads intersperse luxurious bohemian festival braids, creating a glamorous yet earthy aesthetic.

Elaborate Side Braid with Turquoise Jewelry

Festival Hair Ideas 62

An elaborate side braid decorated with turquoise jewelry and peacock feathers makes a bold statement, embodying bohemian festival elegance.

Effortless Bohemian Festival Waves

Festival Hair Ideas 63

Topped with a wide-brimmed hat and highlighted by thin, face-framing braids adorned with small shells, these waves offer an effortless bohemian festival look.

Bohemian Festival Hair with Daisy Chain

Festival Hair Ideas 64

Accented with a chain of daisies weaving through long, sunlit locks, this hairstyle captures a timeless, carefree summer vibe, ideal for festival season.

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