The Secret To Making Bright Red Hair Last? Wella Fresh Color Masks! 

Hello, fellow redheads! The struggle is real: having bright red hair isn’t always easy. It looks vibrant after you’ve had it dyed at the hair salon, but then a few days or weeks later, it starts to experience that dreaded fade. From being a luscious berry or cherry hue, you end up with orange tones. Big no-no!

Instead of speed-dialing your hair stylist, you can give your hair a makeover to remain brighter for longer. The trick is to opt for a hair color mask. I’ve tried several products on the market, but Wella Fresh Color Mask is the best one by far. This range of color-depositing hair masks comes in 12 fashionable shades. You want to get your hands on the red one (simply called “Red”).

Read on for my review of the Wella Fresh Color Mask in Red, which examines its appearance, ingredients, and ease of application.

First Glance At Wella Fresh Color Mask

Wella Fresh Color Masks 1

Wella Fresh Color Mask comes in a long tube that’s easy to squeeze. You’ll be pleased about this when you apply the product to your wet hair as it prevents your bathroom from looking like a scene out of Jaws, with red hair color on every surface!

The hair mask has a creamy formula, quite similar to the texture of hair dye, which makes it easier to apply all over your hair. It has a pleasant coconut-like smell that doesn’t interfere with other scented hair-care products you might like to use.

What’s In Wella Fresh Color Mask

Like other color hair masks on the market, Wella Fresh Color deposits color on your hair’s surface. But, besides containing red color pigment, it has natural ingredients of avocado oil, argan oil, and apricot kernel oil. 

To prevent damaging your hair, it’s free of silicones, which can dry your tresses, and it doesn’t contain harsh ammonia. After washing the hair mask out of my hair, my locks certainly feel softer and more nourished!

How To Use Wella Fresh Color Mask

Before you use any color-depositing hair mask, do a skin test. This is super important to prevent serious allergic reactions and should be done 48 hours before applying the mask.

Once you’re good to go, applying Wella Fresh Color Mask is super-easy.

Wella Fresh Color Masks 2

  1. After washing your hair, towel-dry it before applying generous amounts of the mask to your hair. I’ve found the easiest way to ensure you cover all your hair (like those stubborn hair tips) is to apply it with a hair coloring brush containing soft bristles. Wear gloves to prevent staining your skin.
  2. Once you’ve applied the hair mask, leave it on for up to 20 minutes. Although the tube says to leave it on for 10 minutes, the Wella website states that you can wait for up to 20 minutes if you want a more intense result. I like to leave it on for longer when my hair is starting to look a bit brassy, so I’ll get the full effect of the product.
  3. If you have medium-length or long hair, clip your hair back so you can accomplish other tasks while waiting for the mask to take effect.
  4. When the time’s up, rinse out your hair. You’ll feel your hair is much silkier than before, even before applying conditioner. Other color-depositing masks on the market can make hair feel rough, but this one doesn’t do that at all.

Pros Of Wella Fresh Color Mask

Some things I really like about the Wella mask:

  • It smells good. It doesn’t have a strong scent like hair dye that can be unpleasant.
  • Its consistency makes it easy to apply. If you don’t have a hair coloring brush, you can squeeze the product into your gloved hands and spread it over your hair.
  • It works within 20 minutes or less. Depending on the red intensity you want, leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes before washing it off.
  • It only requires one application per week, making the product last for several applications. I, personally, like to use it every time I wash my hair to maintain its cherry color.
  • Its effects last for days. In the past, I’ve tested this out by not washing my hair for a whole week, and the Wella hair mask still made my locks look red and bright.

Extra Tips And Hacks

Wella Fresh Color Masks 3

Whenever you use a color-depositing hair mask, follow these general tips to enhance your results.

Wash Your Hair With Shampoo Beforehand

Before using a hair mask, you should always wash your hair with shampoo. Not only does this remove the build-up of hair-care products, but it also opens the hair cuticles, so your hair will more easily absorb color from the mask.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Damp, Not Dripping Wet

You should apply the hair mask to damp hair so that it will better absorb the ingredients. Avoid applying it to dripping wet hair, as this will make the product drip out of your hair, causing a big mess and not giving you the results you want.

Consider Using Conditioner

After you’ve rinsed out a hair color mask, the general rule is that you shouldn’t skip conditioner. This seals in the mask’s benefits while adding additional smoothing benefits.

An advantage of Wella Fresh Color is that you don’t have to apply a conditioner because its nourishing oils leave your hair soft and silky.

As someone with dry hair that can become frizzy, I was initially skeptical about this, but my hair was smooth and easy to style after using the mask.

Mix Red And Blue Color Masks For A Deeper Red Color

If your red hair is a little too bright for your liking, you might worry that the Wella Fresh mask will turn you into even more of a walking siren. But I’ve learned a hack for making your hair a bit deeper red, even if its base color is bright.

You need to purchase the Red and Blue Wella Fresh Color masks, as the blue color will help darken the red. Squeeze a bit of both hair masks into a mixing bowl and mix them well with a hair coloring brush until you get an eggplant color.

Then, apply this mixture to your damp hair and leave it on for up to 20 minutes. After rinsing, your hair will look a bit darker, saving you a trip to the hair salon.

Final Thoughts

Red-dyed hair is known for being high maintenance, but using Wella Fresh Color Mask can help you extend the color of your ruby locks. It’s easy to use and makes your hair look brighter and more vibrant.

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