Looking to Combat Frizzy Hair? Try Hand Lotion!

Ever since I moved to Florida, I’ve been looking for ways to combat frizz. Though there’s a lot of beauty to be found living in warmer climates, those living in these areas that experience at least 70% humidity (like me) are more likely to have frizzy hair.

While I’m all about the frizz at the beach, I try to combat it when I’m anywhere else, and surprisingly, one solution I found is hand lotion. Here’s everything I’d like to share with you (including a few other hair hacks to control frizzy hair and flyways). 

How Does Hand Lotion Combat Frizzy Hair? 

Use hand lotion to combat frizzy hair. When I first heard about this hair hack, I’ll be honest: I was skeptical. If anything, I thought hand lotion would make my hair feel greasy, and as someone who already suffers from pretty oily hair, the thought made my skin crawl. But then I started to think about it and before long, using hand lotion in a quick pinch made sense. 

Think about it: lotion is meant to make your hands softer and smoother, so why wouldn’t the same be true when it’s applied to your hair? 

Though it may depend on the brand, most hand lotions contain shea butter, Hyaluronic acid, and mineral oil – three ingredients designed to moisturize. 

When frizzy hair develops, I’ve learned that it’s not just high humidity levels to blame but a sign that your hair is actually dehydrated. Dehydration stems from a lot of different factors, including climate, frequent hair washing, bleaching, and how often you color it.

Because dehydration leads to frizz, applying a small dab of hand cream with moisturizing ingredients (like these) can go a long way in combatting it when necessary. 

My Favorite Hand Lotions to Control Frizzy Hair in a Pinch

hair hacks for frizzy hair

Between dealing with Florida’s extreme humidity and washing my hands often due to having severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), my hands are always pretty dry so I carry pocket-sized lotion around with me constantly. 

I’ve tried a lot of brands (anything from Bath and Body Works is way too greasy for me and, in my opinion, overhyped), and have narrowed down a few of my favorites. While these are just great products as is, none of them made my hair feel greasy when I applied a few drops to my hair to control frizz and a few flyaways. 

EOS Shea Butter Hand Cream

In my opinion, EOS brand hand cream is the one to beat. Not only does it come in a handful of scents (my favorite is Vanilla Cashmere), but it is specifically designed for those with both dry hands and sensitive skin

What I like most about it is that it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky when applied to my skin – and that includes my scalp. A lot of other hand lotions I’ve used in the past make my hands feel sticky and greasy, and as someone with OCD, that can be a real bummer. This hand lotion is lightweight, fragrant, extremely moisturizing, and phthalate/paraben-free.

Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand Cream 

The Philosophy brand of hand cream is a bit pricer than EOS, but still worth it in my opinion. For starters, it also comes in some pretty wonderful scents, including Sparkling Grapefruit and Coconut & Guava. It’s cruelty-free, which is a huge selling point for me, too! 

This particular hand cream contains olive oil as one of its key ingredients, which is naturally moisturizing, especially for those with brittle, dehydrated hair. 

My only downside with Philosophy over EOS is that it doesn’t feel as moisturizing. I’d rather have a hand cream that softens and rehydrates than one that feels greasy, so it’s still a win-win for me. 

How to Apply Hand Cream to Your Hair and Scalp

You don’t need to use a lot of hand lotion to achieve maximum results. Just squeeze a small dollop of lotion in your hand, rub it in between your hands, and then apply it to your ends and roots. I recommend rubbing it in your hand first so it doesn’t feel as greasy during application. 

Should I Use Hand Lotion as a Replacement for Conditioner? 

No, it should not. Though hand lotion and condition feel the same texture-wise and achieve similar results, hand lotion isn’t meant to be used as a supplement for traditional conditioner for one big reason: it can actually be too oily for your hair. 

So, again, if you’re like me with oily hair, using a hand cream instead of conditioner will only weigh your hair follicles down and make your hair look lackluster. Remember, this is just a hair hack so apply a small amount of hand lotion to your hair to control frizz when you’re in a pinch, not as a normal part of your hair hygiene regime. 

Other Hair Hacks I’ve Used to Control Frizz Besides Hand Lotion

Hand lotion has helped me out in a pinch, but so have a few other bizarre hair hacks: 

Use Dryer Sheets to Combat Frizzy Hair

One of the hair hacks to control frizzy hair that I always get a kick out of includes dryer sheets. Just rub one on the top of your head to remove frizz caused by static. 

I’ve usually only ever had to rub them across my hair once or twice. That’s enough to get rid of little flyaways. It’s a quick fix, but not one that’s necessarily practical. That is, unless, you want to carry around a box of dryer sheets in your purse. 

I Dry My Hair With a T-Shirt Instead of a Towel to Control Frizz

Another frizzy hair hack I love and recommend? Using a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry my hair after a shower. While towels are great for the rest of my body, their microfiber material leads to frizz. A t-shirt is smooth enough to leave my wet hair as is. 

These are just a few of the hair hacks to control frizzy hair I’ve tried. And, I wanted to share them with you! Have you used any of these hair hacks to combat frizzy hair? 

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