41+ Bixie (Pixie Bob) Haircut Ideas

The Bixie haircut, a chic blend of the pixie and bob, offers a versatile and modern look for those seeking a fresh style. From textured layers and soft bangs to sleek, polished finishes, we’ll explore the myriad ways to rock a Bixie, making it a go-to choice for anyone looking to update their look with an effortlessly stylish, easy-to-maintain haircut.


Bixie Haircut Advice

Mixing both edginess and classic style, bixie cuts are a great way to change up your look. However, though this style might look low-maintenance, care still needs to be taken to make sure it looks sleek and pristine long after leaving the salon.

Unlike some trims that you can learn to do at home, it’s highly recommended to get a bixie cut done at a salon with a professional. Look up the specialties of the stylists you’re considering to make sure you book an appointment with someone who knows their way around short cuts. Otherwise, you might risk getting just a plain bob or pixie style.

  • You’ll also want to work with your stylist to make sure your hair is cut properly. A true pro will factor in your natural hair texture, your typical hair-care routine, and your face shape to know how much volume and length to go with when it’s time to snip.
  • Once you’re at home, the bixie cut is generally pretty easy to maintain, but there are a few steps you can take to keep up the look.
  • Make sure the hair part you used in the salon is the one you want to commit to since changing it will affect the look of your cut.
  • You’ll also want to eliminate frizz whenever possible. Since the bixie is so short, you won’t have the weight of long hair to keep flyaways tamed. Just add a little bit of an anti-frizz product to your hair, like this one from Olaplex.
  • Finding your ideal hair-care system will also help reduce frizz and ensure your hair is shiny and naturally voluminous. The top way to do this is to make sure you’re not overwashing since shampoo strips hair of its natural oils. Talk to your salon to see how often you should be shampooing your hair, but keep in mind most people can go 2-4 days between washes.
  • When you wash your hair, make sure to use a volumizing product or shampoo made for fine hair since they give shorter cuts a little more bounce. Paul Mitchell makes an all-in-one option that makes hair feel thick and adds body.
  • Make sure you never skip conditioner when you wash your hair, either. Not only will this step help prevent flyaway hairs, but it will also ensure that the lengths of your hair remain healthy so you don’t have to cut too much next time you go in for a trim. This one from Redken is infused with argan oil, so it adds plenty of the nourishment your hair needs.
  • For day-to-day styling, try to avoid over-using hot tools on your hair. When sporting a shorter cut, it’s easy to notice if there’s damage. Use a thermal protectant, like this one from Moroccanoil, when you plan to use heat on your tresses.
  • Otherwise, make styling mousse your go-to tool for days when you air-dry or just rely on your hair dryer for styling. This one from Kenra even adds volume and texture.

Bixie Haircut Ideas

Sleek Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Bixie Haircut Ideas 1

This hairstyle boasts a sharp pixie bob, enhanced with side-swept bangs in a jet black shade, finished off with a lustrous sheen for a sophisticated look.

Textured Bixie Haircut with Choppy Layers

Bixie Haircut Ideas 2

Featuring choppy layers and highlighted tips, this textured bixie cut embraces a tousled appearance, merging edginess with casual flair.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob in Vibrant Red

Bixie Haircut Ideas 3

An asymmetrical pixie bob that stands out with one side longer than the other, dyed in a vivid red shade for a bold statement.

Edgy Pixie Bob with Undercut Sides

Bixie Haircut Ideas 4

This pixie bob is all about attitude, featuring undercut sides, dyed platinum blonde, and styled into a spiky top for a rebellious edge.

Soft Bixie Cut with Feathered Layers

Bixie Haircut Ideas 5

A gentle bixie cut adorned with feathered layers and honey blonde hues, topped with wispy bangs for a delicate and airy look.

Modern Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

Bixie Haircut Ideas 6

A contemporary pixie bob characterized by sleek, straight styling, contrasting dark roots, and ash blonde ends for a chic gradient effect.

Curly Bixie Haircut with Volume

Bixie Haircut Ideas 7

Rich chocolate brown curls define this bixie cut, adding significant volume on top for a look full of bounce and personality.

Shaggy Pixie Bob with Icy Blue Highlights

Bixie Haircut Ideas 8

A shaggy pixie bob with razored edges and icy blue highlights, styled in a messy, bedhead look for a daring and spontaneous vibe.

Elegant Bixie with Side-Swept Fringe

Bixie Haircut Ideas 9

This bixie pairs a side-swept fringe with a warm chestnut color and a glossy finish, combining elegance with a touch of sophistication.

Punk-Inspired Pixie Bob with Neon Streaks

Bixie Haircut Ideas 10

A punk-inspired pixie bob featuring neon pink streaks, shaved designs, and a voluminous crown, perfect for those looking to make a vibrant statement.

Sculpted Pixie Bob with Geometric Cuts

Bixie Haircut Ideas 11

Featuring geometric cuts, a jet black base with silver streaks, and a polished look, this pixie bob is the epitome of precision and style.

Retro Bixie Haircut with Vintage Curls

Bixie Haircut Ideas 12

A nod to the past, this retro bixie showcases vintage curls, platinum blonde shade, and a deep side part for a timeless glamour.

Dynamic Pixie Bob with Angular Bangs

Bixie Haircut Ideas 13

Angular bangs and multi-dimensional brunette tones set this pixie bob apart, offering sleek styling for a dynamic and contemporary look.

Bixie Cut with Tousled Top and Sea Salt Texture

Bixie Haircut Ideas 14

A bixie cut that embodies the essence of the beach, featuring a tousled top brought to life with sea salt spray, and natural sandy blonde tones for an effortlessly chic look.

Sleek and Straight Pixie Bob in Auburn

Bixie Haircut Ideas 15

A minimalist’s dream, this sleek and straight pixie bob shines in an auburn shade, offering a clean cut that exudes simplicity and elegance.

Voluminous Bixie with Deep Burgundy Curls

Bixie Haircut Ideas 16

This bixie cut is all about volume, with curls cascading in a deep burgundy color, paired with fluffy, soft layers for a luxuriously rich texture.

Electric Blue Ombre Pixie Bob

Bixie Haircut Ideas 17

A daring and bold statement, this pixie bob features razor-cut layers and an electric blue ombre, perfect for those looking to stand out.

Bixie Haircut with Feathered Crown in Light Lavender

Bixie Haircut Ideas 18

Light and ethereal, this bixie haircut boasts a feathered crown and a soft lavender tint, offering an airy, lightweight texture for a whimsical appearance.

Glamorous Pixie Bob with Glossy Waves

Rich copper tones and glossy waves make this pixie bob a glamorous choice, with a side parting adding just the right amount of volume for a sophisticated finish.

Modern Pixie Bob Undercut with Rainbow

Bixie Haircut Ideas 20

A sleek top conceals a playful twist with rainbow colors, giving this pixie bob undercut a modern edge and a hint of surprise.

Natural Curly Bixie with Depth

Bixie Haircut Ideas 21

Embracing the beauty of tight curls, this natural curly bixie is enhanced with subtle highlights and lowlights, adding depth and dimension to the style.

Layered Pixie Bob with Golden Blonde Highlights

A dynamic shape sets this layered pixie bob apart, adorned with a long, sweeping fringe and golden blonde highlights for a lively and vibrant look.

Avant-Garde Bixie with Silver and Lilac Blend

Bixie Haircut Ideas 23

This bixie cut features disconnected layers, blending silver and lilac for an avant-garde edge that pushes the boundaries of traditional hair styling.

Mocha Brown Pixie Bob with Caramel Swirl Highlights

Bixie Haircut Ideas 24

Soft bangs frame the face in this mocha brown pixie bob, enriched with caramel swirl highlights for a warm, inviting look that radiates coziness.

Fierce Bixie with Bold Ruby Red and Spiky Finish

Bixie Haircut Ideas 25

A spiky finish and bold ruby red dye give this bixie an undeniably fierce look, textured layers adding to the intensity and dramatic flair.

Beachy Effortless Pixie Bob with Wavy Texture

Bixie Haircut Ideas 26

This pixie bob captures the essence of summer with a wavy texture and sunlit ends, embodying a beachy, effortless vibe perfect for sun-drenched days.

Sleek Bob Transition Bixie with Emerald Green Tips

Bixie Haircut Ideas 27

Jet black transitions into emerald green tips in this sleek bob bixie, showcasing a glossy sheen that elevates the style to a luxurious level.

Pixie Bob with Pastel Rainbow Highlights

Bixie Haircut Ideas 28

Soft undercuts paired with pastel rainbow highlights give this pixie bob a playful and youthful appearance, perfect for those who love a touch of whimsy.

Futuristic Pixie Bob with Sleek Silver Hue

An angular side bangs cut in a sleek silver hue gives this pixie bob a futuristic, sharp look, ideal for those seeking a cutting-edge style.

Natural Texture Bixie with Warm Honey Tones

Bixie Haircut Ideas 30

Embracing natural texture, this bixie cut showcases warm honey tones and a soft, face-framing silhouette for a look that’s both inviting and comforting.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob in Teal and Black

Bixie Haircut Ideas 31

Bold contrast defines this asymmetrical pixie bob, featuring one side longer than the other in a striking teal and black combination for a dramatic effect.

Multidimensional Blonde Pixie Bob

Bixie Haircut Ideas 32

Blending shades from platinum to sandy blonde, this pixie bob achieves a multidimensional, sun-kissed effect, perfect for a bright, lively look.

Chunky Highlights Bixie Cut

Bixie Haircut Ideas 33

Featuring chunky highlights that mix chocolate and blonde, this bixie cut presents a bold, statement look for those wanting to stand out.

Cool Ash Tone Pixie Bob

Bixie Haircut Ideas 34

A cool ash tone pixie bob with precision cuts for a sleek, defined shape, offering a clean and modern aesthetic for a refined appearance.

Pixie Bob with Vibrant Peacock Blue Accents

Bixie Haircut Ideas 35

This pixie bob includes a disconnected fringe and daring undercut, enhanced with vibrant peacock blue accents for a bold, eye-catching style.

Curly Top Bixie with Modern Twist

Bixie Haircut Ideas 36

A curly top bixie that embraces natural curls, featuring a subtle undercut for a modern twist on traditional curly hairstyles.

Elegant Side Part Pixie Bob in Rose Gold

Bixie Haircut Ideas 37

Featuring an elegant side part and soft rose gold tones, this pixie bob offers a delicate, feminine finish that’s both graceful and stylish.

Razor-Edged Texture Bixie with Platinum Streaks

A bixie cut with a razor-edged texture and bold platinum streaks, embodying a dynamic, edgy character for a look that’s both sharp and daring.

Flip Out Styling Pixie Bob in Cherry Red

Bixie Haircut Ideas 39

A pixie bob with flip out styling in a vibrant cherry red color, offering a lively, energetic flair perfect for those looking to make a vibrant statement.

Soft Lavender and Grey Blend Pixie Bob

Bixie Haircut Ideas 40

With a tapered nape and a blend of soft lavender and grey, this pixie bob exudes a serene, tranquil appearance for a calm and collected vibe.

Beachy Blonde Bixie with Layered Waves

Bixie Haircut Ideas 41

A bixie cut with layered waves and beachy blonde hues, crafting a relaxed, carefree look ideal for those who embody the spirit of summer.

Fiery Copper Pixie Bob with Textured Layers

Bixie Haircut Ideas 42

This pixie bob stands out in a fiery copper, featuring textured layers for a bold, standout presence that’s both fiery and captivating.

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