GHD Helios Hair Dryer: Why It’s Every Wavy-Haired Woman’s Must-Have

Trying to tame wavy, frizzy hair has been a life-long struggle. If you glanced into my bathroom cabinet, you’d see a ton of serums and hair masks promising to eliminate flyaway and frizzy hair. But the thing is, I never realized that my hair dryer wasn’t doing me or my puffy hair any favors. 

Then, my cheap hair dryer broke and I had to go shopping for a new one. I decided to buy the GHD Helios professional hair dryer because of its claims: fast drying times and smoother, more manageable hair.

Honestly, despite how I’ve never been disappointed by GHD, I was skeptical. I’ve never owned a hair dryer that did more than simply dry my wet hair, leaving it in a ball of frizz that my straightener and lashings of serum had to try to untangle and smooth.

Well, was I surprised at the results! Read on to learn what I discovered by using the GHD Helios and how it changed my haircare routine. 

Unboxing The GHD Helios 

The GHD Helios scores 10/10 for its appearance. It comes in a range of solid colors with metallic accents. These include black, white, plum, and blue. There’s also a limited-edition in cyber lime, which I’m honestly tempted to purchase (I got the black one because all the other colors were out of stock).

When picking it out of the box, the GHD Helios feels solid when held. Its plastic shell is soft, almost rubbery, which makes it easy to use when blow drying your hair. 

Unpacking the Tech Specs 

What makes the GHD Helios hair dryer powerful is that it makes use of Aeroprecis technology. This produces a concentrated flow of air so you can target specific areas of your hair to dry them faster.

But, it boasts many other important features. Let’s jump into them! 

Contoured Nozzle 

To tackle frizz, the GHD Helios has a contoured, thin nozzle to make the airflow even so you get a smoother finish. This, combined with its 2200-watt brushless motor, gives you better styling results. Frizz begone! 

Hair Alignment 

GHD Helios provides more hair alignment. This means that it aligns the individual hair strands so that they lie in the same direction, which reduces frizz and flyaways. The result? A much sleeker, glossier finish. 

Faster Drying 

One of the best features about the GHD Helios is that it reduces your drying time. This is thanks to its airflow that reaches speeds of up to 75 mph! I used to feel dread at having to blow dry my hair after washing it. But the Helios has changed that because it takes me about five minutes to dry and style.  

Less Noise 

Let’s face it, hair dryers are noisy. While you’ll certainly hear the GHD Helios during use, its noise is reduced when compared to other hair dryers I’ve owned. This is thanks to its back grille that contains holes designed to lower noise. 

Temperature Controls 

The hair dryer comes with variable temperature controls on the side so you can use heat while styling and then finish off with a blast of cool air to seal in the look. There’s a nifty black button that delivers cool air for this purpose that locks into place so you don’t have to hold it down. 

Extra Touches

What I love about the GHD Helios is that it contains extra little touches that make using it a dream.

  • It’s designed to distribute weight evenly, making it more ergonomic to use. 
  • It has a convenient silicone loop at the bottom so you can store it on a hook in the wall. 
  • Its rubbery construction makes it easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it looking good. 

Testing Out The GHD Helios 

To see what the GHD Helios could do, I tested it out without first slathering tons of product on my hair. Instead of leaving me with puffball hair, it provided a neater, smoother result.

Of course, since I’m not a professional hairstylist, I still need to straighten my hair with a hair straightener and some serum to give it an extra boost of sleekness, but the results were so much better than what previous hair dryers could do. 

Here are some other highlights I experienced: 

  • With damp, towel-dried hair, it took me a maximum of five minutes to completely dry my hair. This was at least 10 minutes shorter than the time it would take me to dry my hair with other hair dryers.
  • After using the GHD Helios, my hair is much shinier. On their website, GHD claims Helios offers 30-percent more shine because of its hair alignment feature. When hair strands are smoothed down in the same direction, they better reflect the light. So, that’s why it’s called “Helios” – it shares a name with the Greek god who personifies the sun!  

Tips For Using The GHD Helios 

We can all improve our hair-styling game. Here are some tips to follow when using the GHD Helios. 

  1. Before drying your hair with the GHD Helios, make sure you towel-dry it. Don’t rub your hair with the towel as that’s damaging. 
  2. Invest in a round brush. Choose the right size according to your blow-drying needs. There are many different brush sizes, which can be confusing. Here’s a quick tip: the shorter your hair, the smaller brush diameter you should opt for. For people with wavy hair, choose a brush with a larger diameter to give you straightening and smoothing features. 
  3. When switching on the GHD Helios, start on a low heat setting so you don’t expose your wet hair to very high temperatures, which can be damaging. As your hair dries, increase the heat. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for a quicker way to dry your hair or you’ve been struggling with frizzy, wavy hair, you should invest in the GHD Helios professional hair dryer. It’s a joy to use, it makes your hair glossy and more manageable, and it looks so cute on your dressing table. 

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