Brazilian Fantasy In A Bottle: Meet Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 59

Are you familiar with Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench perfume mist? Let us tell you its story.

When the news broke that the beloved Sol de Janeiro’s Cheirosa 39 Coco Cabana is saying its goodbyes, we were all curious to know what’s next for the Cheirosa squad. Is there a new scent happening to replace a fan favorite? 

Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench Perfume Mist Enters The Chat

If you own Sol de Janeiro products, you know that each represents its own story.

Cheirosa 71 poses a sentiment of a warm autumn day, Cheirosa 62 is a perfect tropical scent you can wear all summer, and Cheirosa 68 is a princess of spring that reminds us that warmer, brighter days are coming.

After Cheirosa 39 officially became part of Sol de Janeiro’s history, the beauty shelves were finally blessed with the newbie called Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench perfume mist. It was clear from the very start that this is a quite different scent from all others but in the best way possible.

With Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench the idea behind the scent was “sharing the warmth of a sunset” and “capturing the emotion of winding down after a perfect beach day”, as stated by the brand.

The fragrance was inspired by the year 1959 when singer João Gilberto released the first-credited bossa nova album, Chega de Saudade (or in translation “No More Blues”). It truly embodies the “I am feeling good” scent, perfect for women and men.

Delícia Drench is rich with warm and trendy notes like vanilla orchid, sugared violet, and sheer sandalwood – a perfect mix of sweet, powdery, and floral whiff.

Cheirosa 59 Scent Family Profile Breakdown

  • Top notes: Velvet Plum, Sugared Violet​ 
  • Middle notes: Vanilla Orchid, Whipped Amber​ 
  • Dry notes: Sheer Sandalwood, Fresh Vetiver

4 Ways To Use Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench

To truly dive into the Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench perfume mist, you have to be aware of its potential. It can be used in a few different ways that will take you on an exotic journey and let you explore the beauty of this uplifting, charming scent in all its glory. Here are some ways to use it:

1. As A Solo Perfume Mist 

Just spray Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench perfume mist all over your skin as much as you like. The beauty of body mists is that their scent trail is light and you have to try really hard to go overboard. 

2. As A Double Trouble Paired With Delícia Drench Body Butter 

For a long-lasting scent that will serve you throughout the day, apply ultra-rich Delícia Drench body butter first to help you moisturize your skin. It will support your barrier and pamper dry spots while ensuring that when you spritz Cheirosa 59 perfume mist the scent’s longevity works twice as hard.

3. As A Hair Mist 

Of course, you can just spray Cheirosa 59 perfume mist all over your body and your hair in a freestyle way, but an even more proficient method is to take your favorite hairbrush, sprinkle the Cheirosa 59 on it, and gently comble your hair with it from your roots to the tips.

This way you ensure the scent is evenly spread and your hair doesn’t get too much of a product.

If your scalp is sensitive, a good place to start spraying is by the spot you usually apply your hair conditioner

4. As A Base Of Your Perfume Layering Routine

Body mists are perfect partners for perfume layering. With their help, you can mix and match your favorite fragrances completely uniquely and as much as you want. All Sol de Janeiro perfume mists are fine layering choices, so you can’t go wrong, no matter which number is your favorite.

And just remember – the most important rule of layering perfumes is to ensure that the scents complement each other rather than clash, so if you’ve got this under control you’re halfway there.

Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench perfume mist pairs great with vanilla fragrances like Kayali Vanilla 28 or powdery ones like Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl. A beloved TikTok choice is pairing Cheirosa 59 Delícia Drench with YLS icon Libre.

Are you looking for more budget-friendly choices? Zara has a variety of sweet, vanilla, and floral fragrances that will fit perfectly with Delícia Drench. 

Is Cheirosa 59 Sol De Janeiro’s Best Fragrance Yet? 

Sol de Janeiro offers a wide range of perfume mists that are all unique in their own way and suited for different occasions, seasons, and even environments.

Cheirosa 59 most certainly has the potential to become the next fan-favorite as there’s no doubt that the perfume mist is a beautiful, exotic, and romance-calling masterpiece. It will warm early spring days, excite the summer ones, cheer up your fall, and spice up the winter. 

Delícia Drench is meant to make you feel good, and Sol de Janeiro nailed that part. It’s a delicious fairytale that will enrich your senses and your fragrance collection. 

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